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Tiger Care

From Kits and classic we have and do look after service repair tuned MOT most makes from Caterham and Westfield to many classic Lotus and most sportscars like MG etc.

  • Servicing from a basic or interim to Major
  • Vehicle Inspection, MoT & SVA Prep. & Test
  • Tuning & Maintenance
  • Engine Replacement & Upgrades
  • Race Preparation
  • Damage Repair and Paint Work

TigerCare is the amalgamation of a number of our own in-house workshop and production facilities that have been extended to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services designed to maintain their cars in tip-top condition or, bring them up to that standard. Whatever your car needs – a basic service or a full re-build due to an accident, Tiger has the expertise. All this is in addition to day-to-day production of Tiger kits or fully built Tiger cars. The following pages of this brochure give a more in-depth look at each facility under its own heading such as Tiger Servicing, Tiger Tuning, Tiger Bodywork and Tiger Restoration etc. Most of these facilities are, of course, relevant to any car and not just Tiger’s own products.

Experience Tiger can undertake all levels of vehicle servicing from the basic or intermediate, to a full major service at the required intervals. Over the years we have built up a deep understanding of the special requirements and treatment necessary for the older Classic cars that were invariably not designed with long service intervals in mind. (The later development of the ‘Sealed for Life’ bearings and bushes were, in many cases, no substitute for the good old grease nipple and wore very quickly). Our approach to the older models is based on a wealth of knowledge and experience so you can be sure that the oils, greases and materials we use are right for your car.

At the other end of the scale, we also take the same dedicated approach to the latest in motoring technology. Although service interval times may be far wider than a few years ago, the correct service procedures are even more important. The latest in diagnostic and tuning equipment is now vital, as is the use of special oils and materials for the tighter tolerances and higher engine speeds now used. You can be sure that TigerCare’s expertise can keep YOUR car in the best of health.

MOT Test

One service that has proved very popular and cost effective is our M.o.T. test facility. After a quick visual inspection, the car is put through through the test. Should the car unfortunately fail and remedial work required, we will notify the customer of time and cost, and after approval, the rectification work is carried out and the car receives it’s MoT certificate.

Whilst testing the car, if any other problems are found which are not necessarily relevant to an MoT test, but should still be rectified, we inform the customer after the test and can also carry out repairs if required. However, if your car is serviced and maintained by Tiger, the MoT test should never be a problem again! Also, don’t forget that owners of Tigers, Classic, Kit or Specialist Built Cars are eligible an excellent discount on MoT and SVA testing.

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