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Left Hand Drive new

Left Hand Drive new


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Tiger R6/R10 and ALL TIGER MODELS LHD phone us for price or contact your dealer in your country (except ERA30)- New FACTORY built R6 Left Hand Drive - fitted with ERA powered Ford Duratec - models starting at 185/190bhp - up to around 250/260bhp for race cars - also Ford Zetec and Sigma engine model -- delivery usually 4 months from order - Please contact our dealer in your country - if your country is not represented please contact our head office --- for the standard very high specification Tiger R6/R10 factory built please speak to Tiger (full cage extra - comes with road roll bar - full screen and wipers if required)- please contact the dealer in your country for information or indeed Tiger = jim@tigerracing.com - is there a dealer in your country ? international dealers required

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