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Tiger GTA

Tiger GTA

The Tiger GTA is a further development of the already very popular Avon. It is based on the existing Avon chassis, that has for many years proven itself on both road and track. It has been designed to not only encompass all of the existing excellent features, but also to give a wider appeal to those who want something different but with a proven pedigree.

The all enveloping body style with a distinctive ‘ducks tail› rear gives the GTA a character all of its own, although achieving superb aerodynamics has been a major influence in the styling of its slippery, curvacious lines.

The forward hinging bonnet design gives excellent engine access and the cockpit has been designed to comfortably accommodate the larger driver but otherwise, the GTA is pure Avon under the skin. The retro-fitting body kit contains all the necessary brackets, struts, bushes and bonnet hinge to simply convert an existing Avon or adapt an ‘in progress› Avon build to a GTA.

For detailed information and full specification on the Avon, contact Jim and request our 52 page colour brochure which not only fully covers the Avon, but also all other models in the Tiger range.


The GTA can be purchased in a number modules to suit your budget. In addition to each module, you can then purchase the additional parts as and when required.

  • Chassis Only – Available powder coated or bare steel.
  • Chassis & Body
  • Chassis, Body & Suspension
  • Rolling Chassis
  • Major Kit
  • Full Kit
  • Factory Built – RH or LH drive
  • Body only plus Convertion Kit (for Avon)
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